The first volume first chapter grave climb out from inside..

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The first volume first chapter grave climb out from inside..

Messaggio  kun21 il Lun Apr 25, 2011 11:35 am

Don't know how long after the HanShuo opened the sour se, eyes and feel ache, ugg boots and the brain inside the murderous more pain, like got severe migraines, my brain seems to be filled with the mess of things.Looking around the surrounding dim, mixedup piles, the dense bones, messy spreads out over, distant and some black mass of the strange substance, sending out let person smell the powerful bite vomiting odorous flavour."Ah, really died, it sure is smiling hell!"HanShuo heart such as cult, wish I so young died, really unlucky, generation is violated, hurriedly reincarnated turn over a new leaf, strive for the next life don't give the original as well.In HanShuo think so, when suddenly the brain inside a bad stomachache, holding a headache called later, felling oneself seem to know a lot of things.
"Brian... Brian......, Brian is who?"Half an hour later...HanShuo silly, uggs on salethought televisions rebirthing this fantastic things, how can occur in yourself, and oneself incredibly came to a foreigner, analysis on ChuCangLan that old neural what kind of magic, is wrong?Now HanShuo eyes, has slowly adapted to the dark, moved fudged, will the right arm overforwardly into his eyes see, wrist was a a mole, some just haven't a ferocious terrible scar, such as earthworms in his arm as above, make HanShuo winding a. looked, there is a frisson of fear.The body is not his, HanShuo dumbfounded, then know that he's a rebirthing...Brian although died, but HanShuo don't know why, unexpectedly know Brian past, then the HanShuo know oneself not only, and still not as to American England or any analysis of western countries.
A man named lazio mainland unfamiliar world, one called Lancelot empire of unfamiliar country,new ugg boots - this is a sword and magic, alien infested singular continent.Brian parents early wu, his parents in his death, at the age of ten, he was bringing uncles, sell slave-traders; slaver will again Brian sold to Babylon magic sasha college - since then Brian life darkness.Brian died 16 in Babylon, magic sasha institute, has been points inside the undead department in the weakest - be drudgery.The six years, his job is to help students and will be in the department of undead experiment failed skeleton magic undead zombies etc bones, and moved to the burial waste inside. In addition to the main work beyond, a teapot sweeping pest control, some at sixes and sevens trivia, also be in charge of by him.
And there's - the student, will fasten undead take him experiment skeleton or ghouls combat ability,cardy ugg boots or in his body experiment once undead spells.Weak timid Brian, in the six years, lived a more dead than alive life, the whole body is scarred scars. Eating inedible bread, doing do not over, something that the student, one of the undead and other department compare-test magic lost, will find Brian practice on the hand.Sixteen-year-old young, six years of torture, this for a child, is how cruel treatment?There are many times, Brian want to commit suicide, but the cowardly finish to life, even the suicide of his courage all have no, so abruptly, silently suffered six years pain.Finally in the day before yesterday, be undead department small hag lisa, summon a "hatred spirit" give invades soul - died. In the dying, Brian without a hint of pain, only a kind of relieved of heartache joy.
Move bodies and fractured skull bone, moved six years of Brian, in the end,ugg bailey button triplet> was another drudgery, same as scrap throw that in such a, he often throw waste material inside the tomb.HanShuo had already feel their life, but is dim, HanShuo than with Brian a sudden think nose first think some sour se years he had a very happy.See Brian past, HanShuo nose fasuan, voice choked voice of a sigh: "this world, how have you so himself the young! Brian so cowardly, I held your body, I should do something for you?Trace such as liquid thing, was suddenly HanShuo in his own body induction to, at this time, HanShuo brain inside a pain, some memory clips, abrupt occurrence, that a flow of liquid slowly around the HanShuo body progresses, but this time, HanShuo become some dull, the brain inside passive knows a lot of things -- from the old neural ChuCangLan with puzzling.

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